Prepare for Your Future

Set your Goals for the Future

By setting and achieving worthwhile goals, you can give your life greater meaning and purpose. you will also find your classes and social life more exciting and fulfilling.

Write down your goal. When you write it down, you have made a commitment. Without a commitment, a goal is only a dream. Dreams are something we would like to have happen but are unwilling to pay the price to make it happen.

GraduationPrepare for Graduation

  • Mark the date of graduation on the calender.
  • Invite the people you want at the graduation early so that they can mark it on a calender.
  • Find out how much the cap and gown will cost. Pay it early so that you don't have to worry about it later.
  • Ask about the requirments for clothes under the gown.
  • Finally, leave your house early so that you are not late for graduation.