Board of Education

The Hart Board of Education


The Board of Education Welcomes You!

The Hart Public Schools Board of Education is committed to making our district second to none. Enhancing opportunities for schools and classrooms will be our first priority. As policy makers, this Board shall be responsible for providing a sound, basic, quality education for all students by promoting rigor and creative academic performance for the improvement of student learning in a safe and orderly environment. The Board, as community leaders, shall provide open dialogue with mutual respect, working with the Superintendent and local government, securing sufficient resources and serving as advocates for the district. We invite you to attend our meetings and we welcome your support and input.

Board Highlights

Even during tough economic times, jobs have been preserved, instructional materials are still provided, schools are safe to attend, student achievement results continue to rise, and construction continues with projected renovations to the Hart High School.

Transparency has been a goal of this Board of Education as a means of building understanding and accountability within the community. It is being accomplished through the use of the district website. Examples include postings of Board of Education meetings, minutes and agendas. The Board of Education is pleased to recognize student and employee accomplishments throughout the year.

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Mission of the District

The Mission of the Hart Public Schools is to provide an appropriate educational program and learning environment which will effectively meet the educational need of its students and help its students accomplish educational goals which are: significant, durable, and transferable.